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BAE RJ-70 Price and Operating Costs


The BAE RJ-70, production in 1993 – 1996, requires a two man crew and can be configured in 20 seats. Maximum operating altitude of 31,000′, a optimal cruise speed of 408 knots/469 MPH, and a 1,755 NM/2,020 SM seats-full range. The BAE RJ-70 has a 3,851′ runway length (or runway plus clearway and/or stopway) and 4,430′ actual landing distance required. Cabin specifications: 06’08” cabin high, 11’02” cabin wide, and 50’07” cabin long. Maximum luggage capacity of 494.00 ft^3; 15.00 ft^3 being internal and 479.00 ft^3 being external.


Average price for used aircraft BAE RJ-70 is $4,175,000.00. A $2,087,500.00 loan over 10 years including $8697.92 per month in interest equates to a $104,675.00 per-month payment. Based on 450 hours a year and fuel cost at $4.25 per-gallon, the BAE RJ-70 has total variable costs of $2,229,907.50, total fixed costs of $677,422.50, and hypothetical summary cost of $2,907,330.00. How much does it cost to fly: $6,460.73 per hour.

Maximal total range:
1,755 NM / 2,020 SM
Cruise speed:
408 knots / 469 MPH
Average price:
Number of passengers:
20 people


Flying 450 Hours per Year
Owner-operated hours 450
Charter-operated hours
Fuel Cost per-gallon $4.25
Fixed operation and maintenance cost $677,422.50
Variable operation and maintenance cost $2,229,907.50
How much does a helicopter cost per year $2,907,330.00
Cost per hour $6,460.73

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